About Johnstone Supply

An Introduction to Johnstone Supply

In 1953, a single modest store began operating in Portland, Oregon, to serve the needs of local contractors. That first Johnstone Supply may have been small, but it operated with a commitment to finding the best products for its customers and servicing them like nobody else.

Today, Johnstone Supply is the top cooperative wholesale distributor in the country and a recognized national leader in the HVACR industry. With regional distribution centers based in Portland, Ore., Joliet, Ill., Allentown, Penn., Jacksonville, Fla., Dallas, Tex,. and Las Vegas, Nev., the company boasts over 390 independently-owned stores throughout the United States and beyond, totaling over 1.6 billion dollars in annual sales.

Unbeatable service, support, product knowledge and competitive pricing remain Johnstone's core values. The regional distribution network means even better product availability and delivery times for local contractors, and ongoing improvements to our distribution and operations systems means Johnstone is poised to remain a true "one-stop-shop" for contractors nationwide. We offer superior customer service, technical advice and training seminars and feature the industry's most respected catalog (available both in print and online) featuring more than 75,000 quality parts, supplies and equipment.

Independent Owners, Cooperative Strength

Our Members take great pride in their stores, and as independent owners they manage with a customer focus unfettered by corporate franchise stipulations and requirements. This means superior relationships and service for customers and a unique ability to reflect local contractor needs.

We're continuing to explore better ways to serve our customers and improve our stores, and remain committed to our core pledge of being the first, best choice for our customers, suppliers, and employees. We're proud of our history of success, a history that began with a single small store...

Success through Cooperation - The Origins & Evolution of Johnstone Supply

The Beginning

When he took over the original Johnstone Supply store in 1953, company founder John Shank worked immediately to expand the range of products it offered. This soon led to the original Johnstone Supply Catalog, which quickly became a must-have information and ordering resource and remains to this day the most comprehensive in the industry. As his business prospered and expanded to additional stores, Shank sought out other service-focused individuals to grow the company even more through independent Member locations.

A Cooperative is Born

John Shank grew the business through three prosperous decades, and as he neared retirement he became determined to pass the company's legacy and success directly into the hands of its hard-working stores and staff. His idea: to form the Johnstone Supply Cooperative, a business model where each store owner would own and operate their individual business yet band together to share experience, resources, operational benefits and group buying power.

By 1981, the Cooperative was set up with 32 Member stores and a company management structure. A central corporate office provided stores with centralized, cost-saving merchandising, warehousing, marketing, purchasing and financial reporting services. Taking the helm following John Shank's retirement, Cooperative President Jerry Schultz and a committed Board of Directors composed of leading store owners led Johnstone Supply through a remarkable period of growth - in only the first four years Johnstone more than doubled to 75 stores. In 2000 Gary Daniels became President & CEO and led an expansion of our distribution network.

Johnstone - Looking to the Future

Today there are nearly 400 Johnstone locations across the country.

Company sales and growth continue to outpace the industry average.

DeWight Wallace, Johnstone Supply's current President & CEO, is leading Johnstone into new areas of customer and vendor services, and in conjunction with the Board has been a driving force in developing a progressive company vision and strategic plan. We continue improving services for Johnstone stores and customers with our regional distribution network to enhance product availability, delivery speed, and order accuracy.

What Sets Us Apart

Customer Focus

Johnstone Supply dedicates itself to providing the highest quality products and service to our customers. To ensure we can meet the challenges of a dynamic industry, our company quickly develops and adapts programs to fulfill customer needs on a national and regional scale, while our individual stores customize these programs for their local markets.

The Johnstone Supply Catalog

Ever-growing product depth and quality plus ongoing improvements to the Johnstone Supply Catalog guarantee its continued status as the best source in the HVACR industry for parts, supplies and equipment. Available both in print and online with detailed illustrations and specifications, the online catalog features more than 75,000 quality products from the top manufacturers in the business, with more added every day.

Industry Expertise

Johnstone Supply views education as an essential, powerful tool that gives our stores and their valued customers a distinct competitive advantage. Our Johnstone University program offers intensive technical and business seminars to store owners and personnel, ensuring we have the most experienced, knowledgeable and helpful counter staff in the industry. To make continuing education even more effective we have developed Internet courseware to bring product training and expertise to the staff at our stores anywhere in the country, accessible round the clock.

For our contractor and technician customers, Johnstone stores offer numerous educational opportunities to help propel them to the forefront of their profession, including onsite, hands-on technical training classes and NATE certification both in-store and online.

Unmatched Supplier Relationships

The HVACR industry is in a period of tremendous change. Consolidation has become the norm rather than the exception, and small, privately owned businesses are quickly disappearing. The Johnstone Supply Cooperative is uniquely equipped to meet this challenge in ways that are beneficial to our customers. We pride ourselves on having close, mutually beneficial relationships with the top manufacturers around the country, making sure our customers have access to the best products at competitive prices at every Johnstone store.